2011 Passat B7 lost key, how to program a new one?

2011 Passat B7 lost key, how to program new key? This post provides good advice for the personal car owns and also recommend the professional Passat B7 key programmer – Xhorse VVDI and Xhorse VVDI2.

If someone may have had the same issue, the solution on the following parts may help you work out without breaking the bank.

Question: I’ve managed to lose my Passat key… between my driveway and my house… can’t find the thing anywhere so I’ve given up

I’ve been searching about for a good few days now, but info regarding programs/equipment needed to get the SKC and program a new key is very sketchy, has anyone programmed a new key for a B7 Passat? I’ve bought a new key, with a virgin ID48 chip.

I’m not in a position to fork out hundreds on equipment unfortunately, and I can’t face going to a dealer and getting my trousers pulled down! But I am very willing to spend the time to learn the process, if anyone can help me?

Optional solution 1: call a reputable local auto locksmith and get it done

No matter what..it’s going to cost you in the long run…I’d just go to a local auto locksmith and get it done…never mind the dealers…
If you try this on your own.. You will mess up dash or else a big bill this is not a 5 minutes job needs proper tools or pay the price.

Optional solution 2: have one VCDS

It’s a lot more complicated for this generation of Immo… You’re getting into Component Protection…trying to find missing bytes from modules in the car…you are supposed to be able to solder well. Besides, vag machanics dont even see the codes now as its all online now with vag license.

Optional solution 3: vas 5054a unit

If you have Geko access yes the vas 5054a unit will be working, but for Passat B7, it’s not worth to program online.

Optional solution 4: VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054 ODIS V3.03

A replacement of vas 5054a unit, if you have Geko access it will be working too, but not worth neither

Optional solution 5: Professional VAG key programmer- Xhorse VVDI

For the professional locksmith, they usually buy Xhorse VVDI VAG IMMO Interface, this tool to do the job and lots of brain…



Optional Solution 6: Xhorse VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer with VW Authorization

For the locksmiths, the well-known Xhorse VVDI2 is the update version of VVDI, it update frequently. More importantly, the Xhorse engineers are always there to listen to users’ feedback and tried to fix the bug and add new functions.

Read details and video demo at:



Here VVDI2 full package: