2014D Vida DiceCan’t Reset SRS Faults for Volvo V70(fixed)

This is about how to solve resetting problems about SRS fault-codes when using the 2014D Vida Dice diagnostic tool for Volvo V70.

Car model and year:

2002, Volvo V70


Vida can’t reset the faults when SRS light is on.

The screen dump:



1)I put in a CEM from another car that had a passenger airbag installed, which lead to SRS module issues

2) The cable in that black thing behind the steering wheel was broken

All this lead to configuration fault between CEM and SRS module.


Just fix the cable and correct the configuration between CEM and SRS.

Bosch SRS-module is here:
Volvo P/N: 8645271
Bosch P/N: 0 285 001 254

The SRS fault-codes is reset successful with Volvo Vida Dice.