2017 BMW ICOM B Coding/Programming Manual

BMW ICOM B Manual..Here you go. It will help newbies in BMW auto diagnostics and programming.

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What is ICOM B?

The ICOM B is the external MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) interface of the

ICOM A. It is connected to the ICOM A using the supplied USB cable or a commercially

available USB cable of the type A-B. The power is supplied across the ICOM A by way

of a USB cable connection.

During electrical operation, the ICOM B is only operational when the ICOM A is being

supplied with a minimum voltage of 8 V. If a cable other than that which is supplied is

used for the data connection for the ICOM A. The cable must complies with the USB

2.0 High Speed specification and is free of mechanical damage of any kind.


Note: Initially ICOM B will not be used for diagnostics. It is therefore, not supported by Integrated Service Processes Application 2.x.


MOST interface ICOM B

Why do you need ICOM B adapter?

It’s used for BMW coding/programming on some E series models.


How to connect BMW ICOM B with ICOM A?


Index Explanation

1 USB Connection (Type B)

2 ICOM B “SYSTEM” status LED

3 “MOST” status LED

4 MOST interface connection


Index Explanation



3 USB Cable (A B)

4 Ethernet Cable from Workshop Network

How to connect ICOM B with the ICOM A2 and BMW vehicle?



What does ICOM B LED indication refer to?

The ICOM B includes a (2) two LED display. These LED’s displays the following information

and warnings:

  • One 2-color LED label “SYSTEM” for the general status:

Off ——————————– no power or problems with power supply

Yellow —————————– initializing ICOM B

Red flashing ———————- problems with booting/initializing

Green —————————– ready

Green flashing ——————– communication

  • One 2-color LED label “MOST” for the status of MOST communication Ethernet:

Off ——————————— no light at MOST

Red ——————————– no lockable light

Green ——————————stable LOCK

Yellow *—————————- no stable LOCK

* Yellow = the relevant LED lights up simultaneously red and green


Light-emitting diodes on the ICOM B housing