2018 Xentry Diagnosis OpenShell XDOS – What’s New?

Look here: 2018 Xentry XDOS new features – All diagnosis information can be reached through a simple navigation system.

New feature 1: After selecting a vehicle and entering diagnosis, XENTRY Diagnosis presents the new overview with six integrated tabs:


Overview of existing customer complaints and repair forecasts

Overview of quick tests carried out:

-Initial quick test

-Current quick test

-Reception quick tests from XENTRY Portal (future)


New feature 2: The current network topology of the vehicle is displayed dynamically in graphical form.


Graphical, vehicle-specific topology display with all recognized buses and control units

1: Clearly arranged display in color, detailed information can be brought up

2: Gateway control units visible directly, all other control units can be expanded out interactively

3: Control unit diagnosis is accessed with single click of illustration in tree

4: Faults from quick test are displayed directly on CU symbol as superscript numbers

5: All control unit details can be displayed at a click

New feature 3: Symptom-based customer complaints form the basis for diagnosis scopes that are tailored accordingly.







Problems for which there is no diagnosis information available in XENTRY Diagnosis, cannot be selected in the list of problems using the “Continue” button.


1: Control units involved

List of all control units related to complaint


Version specifications of these control units

Error codes / Events

List of all existing fault codes and events in control units related to complaint


All tests for complaint


Software remedies for complaint through control unit programming

Customer complaints

Display of complaints recorded included free text entered

2: Topology Network topology of all control units related to complaint

New feature 4: Tests and control unit programming are offered based on the customer complaints. The accuracy of repair forecasting is improved significantly due to reference to the complaint.

– Version information


Easily access all of the version information of the control units affected by customer complaints.

– Symptombased tests


The diagnosis tests that apply to the customer complaints can be brought up directly.

– Error codes/ Events


You can view all fault codes / Events of the control units, which can be assigned to the customer complaints.

– Symptombased flashing


Software updates which are likely to rectify the customer complaint can be carried out (separate flash authorization required).