AK90 Key Programmer make BMW E46 and MINI Cooper new key

Hi there! I come to share my DIY key programming experience with AK90 BMW Key Programmer. AK90 work like a charm! I successfully used it to make new key for my BMW E46 325I and my young brother’s mini cooper 2002.

The story is that:

I bought a secondhand BMW E46 325I which came only with one key. It will never be an issue until I lost my key someday. So I decided to make a spare key in advance as I don’t want to go local dealer and pay about 300 dollars for a new key. Besides dealer procedure is complex and will take long time. Then I found AK90+ BMW key programmer for EWS and CAS. It really saved me a lot, both for programming a spare working key and paying less money for it.

Totally I spent $156.6, saved nearly a half than dealership $300!

AK90+ Programmer $130

BMW 3 Button Remote Key 433MHZ HU92 $19.6

(AK90+ and blank key I bought online from Cardiagtool.co.uk, they sent the package free shipping, delivery: 1 week to US, it’s not a bad deal)

Key Cutting local: $7

OK, now you read how I use AK90 key programmer to make a spare key for BMW 325I. Key programming for MINI Cooper has almost same procedure as I mentioned below:

A bit of a learning curve installing the software and USB driver for the AK90 on the PC but got there in the end, also the removal of the EWS unit was a bit of a pain as the securing nuts were the tamperproof type (7/16” 12 sided socket with a bit of a pushing force did the job)


And the final hurdle was to open EWS unit and clean the circuit board lacquer off the pins on the chip of the AWS unit to get a good connection.


Then I read the EWS units program and it showed 3 keys registered, I read key that I have with the car and disabled the other 2 which I did not have, I then programmed the new transponders (I only needed one but bought a pack of two) into spare slots in the EWS units program (you can have a max of 10 transponders registered) I fitted one of the programmed transponders into the new key, then things done by this AK90 key programmer!