Autel IM608 & J2534 ECU Programmer Funciton User Guide

Works with the OEM Software, Autel MaxiIM IM608 J2534 ECU programmer can perform reprogramming / key programming / multi-line OEM diagnostics. This post will show how to use J2534 ECU programmer with OEM software.

To perform J2534 programming with MaxiIM, all tools needed as below:

Autel MaxiIM IM608 & MaxiFlash JVCI J2534 ECU programmer (IM508 cannot)

A PC/laptop

Network connection

Manufacturer’s online account / OEM subscription

A vehicle with a battery maintainer connected


Correct connection diagram:



Guide to use J2534 ECU programmer with OE software:

1.Download the PC suite from Autel website, then run the PC suite app on your desk top.


2.Connect your device to the computer through USB


3.​​During the process, select a device type depends on your need


4.Then you use it with the OE software.

Good to know:

Each OEM has a special site that allows you to gain access to their programming software. All you need is a credit card to purchase a subscription, and knowledge on how to download and install the software (This is the most difficult part about programming).


★ Required NASTE for keys
◆ To use J2534 Needs precoded dealer key

Acura Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Audi Yes – Dealer Level Yes★★
BMW Yes – Dealer Level Yes – Key Synchronization (not new leys).
Chrysler Yes – Dealer Level Yes-2004+ (CAN vehicles)★ ◆
Ford Yes -2018+ Yes★
General Motors (GM) Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Honda Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Hyundai Yes-2018+
Infiniti Yes-2018+
Isuzu Yes – Dealer Level Yes
Jaguar Yes – Dealer Level Yes-2017> (DOIP Required) ★
Kia Yes-2018+
Lamborghini Yes – Dealer Level Yes★ ◆
Land Rover Yes – Dealer Level Yes-2017+ (DOIP Required)★
Lexus Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Mazda Yes-2018+ Yes★
Mercedes Benz Yes-2018+
Mini Yes – Dealer Level Yes – Key Synchronization (not new keys)◆
Mitsubishi Yes – CAN Vehicles Yes • CAN Vehicles ★
Nissan Yes – 2018+
Porsche Yes – Dealer Level Yes
Subaru Yes – Dealer Level Yes – 2015+ most models)
Toyota Yes – Dealer Level Yes★
Volkswagen Yes – Dealer Level Yes★◆
Volvo Yes – Dealer Level Yes – 2017+ DOIP (Nol all) ★

Original Multi-language Autel MaxiIM IM608 with J2534 ECU programmer: