Best quality ICOM-D cable with PCB for diagnose motorcycle till 2016 year

Good news for BMW motorcycle technicians and home DIYer, If you have any of ICOM A1, ICOM A2 or ICOM A3PRO+, the top quality ICOM-D cable is highly recommended for you, it can works as the same fine as the real one since it is built in PCB (as you can see in following pictures), it is tested fine for BMW motorcycles up to 2016 year to perform function including ECU programming, configuration and key systems diagnostic.

As you can see in the following pics, it is much top quality made:

bmw-icom-d-cable-with-pcb-1 bmw-icom-d-cable-with-pcb-2 bmw-icom-d-cable-with-pcb-3 bmw-icom-d-cable-with-pcb-4 bmw-icom-d-cable-with-pcb-5 bmw-icom-d-cable-with-pcb-6


Where to get this top quality BMW ICOM D cable?

I highly recommend you whose customer service quickly response any of my questions, and it dispatch package in 24 hours except some occasional reasons.

Following Common quality ICOM D cable for BMW Motorcycle diagnostic, this one is far more poor quality and it’s rather cheap.

 bmw icom 2 bmw icom 1