BMW ICOM NEXT firmware 3.14.10 3.14.08 update tutorial

Notice! BMW ICOM NEXT newest firmware 3.14.10 is available. But there are still many folks confuse about how to update ICOM NEXT A+B+C firmware. This blog will show you the update tutorial.(Note: try on your own risk.)

ICOM NEXT firmware 3.14.10 Download link:!uZ0XgTbB!0pW25mgpiUuhB2K5gBIxw9O-Yj65aQ1Jh50RdKAD4Is

ICOM NEXT firmware 3.14.08 Download link:!D0cwTTzb!LCeRki-jObvuV9m6UaRsxiGCuHlwv-u33ShJO4ZGXaQ

ICOM Image 03.14.08 (Application image+ Firmware image+ ICOM NEXT app .tar.gz+ ICOM NEXT rootfs. tar.gz)!zZUXiYpI!H9-RKjfqd4Mjk9EoWMlxLw

How to update BMW ICOM NEXT firmware?

There are two optional ways for you: one is using ISTA-D, another is by MSI Installer and Web interface.

  1. Update BMW ICOM NEXT firmware via ISTA-D tutorial:

First, install ISTA-D software on your system so you can use it to install the firmware on your ICOM.

Next, start ISTA-D with ICOM connected to your car (Don’t need KL15, KL30 13.8V on pin 16 and ground on 4+5 is enough)

Then, go to connection manager and start the update.

How to get to the ISTA connection manager?

You can click on the button as following picture shows:


  1. Update BMW ICOM NEXT firmware via WIS Installer tutorial:

First, install the MSI installer

Next, find the system and application firmware file (.bin for ICOM A1/A2 and .tar.gz for ICOM NEXT) in your installed folder, System = ICOM Next-rootfs-XXXXXX. tar.gz, Application = ICOM Next-app-XXXXXX. tar.gz

Then, upgrade the ICOM firmware by web interface.

Note: For BMW ICOM NEXT firmware, the tarball is in C:\ProgramData\BMW\ISPI\data\TRIC\ICOMNext after you installed the MSI installer.

ICOM NEXT firmware 3.14.10 is tested on forum. Here is feedback for your reference:

I test it this morning on a CIC of an E90 and an E60. And now also ICOM NEXT is flashing like HELL. So the bug of slow flashing CICR is gone with this upgrade. This I can confirm. THANK, it was long waiting but it was worth it.