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Suggestions and reference… here you go

I have ICOM Next and I’m using with LAN connection, fast and reliable.

Next comes always with w-lan interface.

I thought you just bought from parts distributor that is ICOM A2 in Next case

All original ICOM NEXT has WLAN and bad China ICOM not. (Not all china icom next, mine – – works)

You must use port :58000 for the menu with WLAN configuration

For wlan configuration manager page you must open http://ICOM_IP:58000/?CountryCode=DE

The first picture you see when you connect to port 58000, the second – 60080.

icom-next-wlan-setup-2 icom-next-wlan-setup-1

Web interface is absolutely the same on ICOM A2 and ICOM Next. The only difference is the port you connect to. And both are avaible on both types of interfaces.

Note that: if you have no good luck with WIFI on ICOM Next, please read it:

How to choose a good router for ICOM Next WiFi

Topic: Which brand and type router is the best for Icom Next incl WIFI?

Opinions from the CT community…here you go.

– I’ve got asus ac3200 and configured all icom’s to 5Ghz, but this is my personal setup. As stated above, you can use any, no matter 2ghz or 5ghz. There will be no problems as long as signal is good.

– Best router i ever used “MikroTik RouterBoard hAP ac” amazing product!!

– I have xiaomi nano router, is powered by USB port of laptop
the unique problem is not have gigabyte port only ethernet 100mbs

– When out from workshop i use old HTC gsm phone and use it as a hotspot for wifi (ista-p)and both ISTA computer and icom next connect to it, can use most any phone for this today, most have this feature “hotspot” And then i have a simple wireless solution for working outside workshop, doing some diagnostic tests..

– For me the best choice is the TP-Link 150MB/s Nano Router TL-WR702N V1 
It´s very small and powered up by USB Port of your notebook..  So you plug it into your notebook (USB and Ethernet) and you are mobile

But that’s only for wifi.

with the advantage to be mobile with your notebook.

If you want to use a direct Ethernet Connection you can plug ICOM directly to your Ethernet port of your Notebook. You have only to edit your NetworkCard to the same IP Range as the ICOM. So no need for a router