BMW ISTA-P Failed to Program BMW F32 (Solved)

When programmed BMW F32 by BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C, always got error reading “Vehicle programming with ISTA/P is no longer approved for the connected vehicle. Vehicle management is now only possible with ISTA4. Please observe the release notes!”

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Solution offered by engineer:

For BMW F/I/G series programming, please use diagnostic software instead of programming software.

Here is the related operation guide.

Step 1: Enter diagnostic software ISTA+

After read out the vehicle information, select Service plan


Step 2: Then click Programming plan


Step 3: When a list of the hardware and software actions fully appears on the screen, click Execute measures plan.


Pay attention to the prompt:

The measures plan contains hardware actions preventing implementation of the measure plan.

Observe the following procedure:

1.When removing/exchanging a control unit, select “Control unit exchange” and select the control unit to be exchange on the “Before exchange” tab.

2.In the case of retrofits/ conversions, select “Vehicle modification” and select the relevant retrofit/conversion.


Note: If your BMW ICOM NEXT diagnostic tool comes without software, it’s better to get the latest software V2019.12 ISTA 4.20.31 ISTA-P

12.2019 BMW Software Upgrade:

ISTA 4.20.31
SDP Programming Database 4.20.13, Multilingual
VIN: 2019.11.05
ISTA-P, supports BMW motorcycle and electric vehicle programming.
BMW ETK  2019.11
BMW KSD  2019.11
INPA 5.00, winkfp 5.2.3, NCS 3.5.1
BMWAi Refresh Hidden 4.6
E-SYS V3.27.1 and V3.30, database V67.0, Chinese version software added
The latest FSC navigation code software and IBAC coder
Added DISV57 and DISV44 for old BMW cars, diagnostic and programming

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