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Cheap new Accessories recommended to professional Locksmith

I want to recommend some cheap new arrivals on sale for professional Locksmiths, also these new car door locks and ignition locks are suitable for DIY car [...]

Ford Focus 05 make key procedure with OBDSTAR F100

This post shows Ford Focus 05 make key procedure with OBDSTAR F100. Car model and year: Ford Focus 05 Ford key maker to use: OBDSTAR F100 key [...]

How CN900 Mini key programmer copy Mazda 3 4D63 chip?  

  CN900 Mini key programmer has same function as CN900, just mini version for hand held. CN900 Mini can directly program 4D, 4C, 46, G chips, no need [...]

Where to get the CHEAPEST original OBDSTAR VAG-PRO?

Original OBDSTAR VAG-PRO is new key programmer and mileage tool for VW, AUDI, SKODA, and SEAT, no need pin code. It is a good tool but its price varies widely [...]

How I use Mini ND900 copy chip 46 for Nissan March 2015?

Three weeks ago I bought a Mini ND900 from China, just wanted have a try because it was not expensive. But beyond my expectation, this Mini ND900 copied chip [...]

OBDSTAR F108 PSA Feedback on Peugeot Citroen DS to read pin code & make key

OBDSTAR F108 is tested ok to read pin code firstly then back to the vehicle IMMO system to make key on PSA vehicles (Peugeot Citroen DS) after 08 year with all [...]

How to update OBDSTAR X300M? Guide you step by step

  OBDSTAR X300M is professional and universal odometer adjustment tool which covers many car brands in the world, newly launched by OBDSTAR [...]

SKP900 key programmer feedback all here (07-16-2016 update)

To help those who are wondering what SKP900 key programmer test ok and fail, I try my best to collect all SKP900 feedback below. Hope it helps. Please be [...]

OBDSTAR VAG PRO key program and odometer adjust on VW AUDI SKODA SEAT

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Latest news!!! OBDSTAR VAG PRO will soon be released in a week which is used to program key and correct odometer (Change KM is okay) via OBD on mainly VW, [...]

Xhorse VVDI BGA MB TOOL user feedback collection

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL is welcomed as a professional key programmer for all Benz keys. Considering you may be interested in this tool’s real performance, [...]

Original OBDSTAR VAG-PRO Key Programmer for VW Group vehicles

Brand-new OBDSTAR original tool for VW Group vehicles key programming has been released. OBDSTAR VAG-PRO is professional hand-held car key programmer for VW, [...]

VVDI MB Tool V2.1.1 free download, update info and procedure

July 5, 2016 update, VVDI MB Tool firmware V2.1.1 and software V2.1.1 is tested ok and available to download with pass public, please browse following link to [...]