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Which Car Key Programmer Tool Is Better for Chip 4D67 4D68

One of my customers asked me a question about how to choose car key programmer to make keys. Here is the specific information. Customer’s [...]

New Joints MasterKey 3 Better for Toyota and Lexus

Have you remember the MasterKey 3 key programmer which definitely is the only tool to renew used keys. Now MK 3 has added new joints for Toyota and [...]

Key Pro M8 Add Keys Manually for Ford Expedition 2001

Here is how to add keys manually for old ford expedition 2001 when using the key pro M8 auto key programmer. Car model and year: Ford expedition [...]

Feedback on Obdstar X100 Pro Auto Key Programmer

Last week, I bought an obdstar X100 pro auto key programmer online to get the function of eeprom. I got my obdstar X100 after 3 days delivery. The package [...]

Ford 2015 Key Programming with Magic Wand 4D Obdstar F100

Transponder chip generator magic wand 4D is a new released device to generate and copy chips. This blog will display how to use magic wind and F100 to do [...]

Old and New OBDSTAR X-100 Key Programmer Comparison

Since OBDSTAR released the auto key programmer X100 pro, it has become more and more popular among OBD customers. However, compared with the old X-100, X-100 [...]

 Mazda CX 5 Key Programming with OBDSTAR F100

Recently, OBDSTAR has released the newest key programmer tool F100 for Mazda and Ford.Here is the instruction about how to program smart keys on Mazda [...]

OBDSTAR F100 Odometer Adjustment for Mazda CX5

OBDSTAR has now released F100 odometer adjustment tool for Mazda and Ford. Here is the instruction on how to use it to adjust the odometer for Mazda [...]

Key Programmers for BMW CAS4CAS4+

Cardiag has released some BMW key programmers including CKM100 unlimited tokens, CKM100 390 tokens,Digimaster 3 unlimited tokens and Digimaster3 980Tokens, [...]

ND900 mini transponder key pro- the replacement of old ND900

The old ND900 key pro is well-known because it's made good quality and works fine, while some users complain they have to pay additional 4D 4C 46 G box if [...]

Original Xhorse VVDI MB BGA tool questions and answers on technical issues

VVDI MB BGA tool questions and answers: Q: Can the VVDI MB BGA tool be helpful when all keys lost on the W204? A: currently parts of chassis(W166, W246, [...]

Handy Baby Key Programmer Copy Nissan 46 Chip

This is a customer review on Nissan 46 key with handy baby car key copy. Step 1 - Copy nissan 46 key: Press "OK" to decode Make antenna close to [...]