CGDI prog BMW Set code on 2016 BMW F series: Test successfully

After repairing the BMW foot spatial data, need to set code. If not, it will still have the fault. Here share the guides to use CGDI prog BMW MSV80 to set code on BMW F series.

Step 1: Connect to CGDI Prog BMW

Step 2: Backup coding

Step 3: Set code

Step 4: Test

Step 1: Connect to CGDI Prog BMW

Connect CGDI Prog BMW to the car via OBD

Connect CGDI prog BMW to PC via USB cable

Turn on the ignition switch

cgdi-prog-bmw-set-code-on-2016-bmw-f-series-1 cgdi-prog-bmw-set-code-on-2016-bmw-f-series-2

Step 2: Backup coding

Open CGDI BMW software

Click on “BMW F/G Series Coding”


Note: Setting code requires networking, please ensure that the network is normal and the car battery voltage is stable.

Read module data successfully


Note: Setting code is the last step. Remember to read module data firstly

Click on “Backup Coding”

Backup Coding success


Step 3: Set code

Click on “Coding”

Prompt “Whether to backup coding data”

Press “No”


Setting code…

Coding is successful


Step 4: Test

Turn on the ignition switch- test OK

Open the headlamp- test OK


Roll up and down the car windows- test OK


Honk the car horn- test OK