ECU Programmer Comparison: PCMtuner vs ECU Bench Tool

In the last post, we introduce new ECU Bench Tool. Compared with hot PCMtuner V1.23, what are the differences between them?


1. ECU Mode

PCMtuner – OBD/Bench/Boot Mode

ECU Bench – Bench Mode (although package has boot cable)


2. Price

PCMtuner costs around 520USD; ECU Bench Tool costs around 350USD.


3. License/Protocol

ECU Bench Tool supports MG1 & MD1 protocol, while PCMtuner currently doesn’t.

Users need to wait for the next update of PCMtuner to support more protocols and pay for new dongles.

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4. Support ECU

PCMtuner Support List

ECU Bench Tool Support List

Generally, PCMtuner supports far more ECUs than ECU Bench Tool, since it costs around 180USD more.

ECU Bench Tool supports MDG1 BMW B48, MDG1 BMW B58 2016-, and EDC16ME9 without opening the shell.


*Here are ECUs that only ECU Bench Tool supports:

Bench mode: Bosch MEDC17 based on TriCore microprocessor.

Bench mode: Bosch MDG1 based on Motorola MPC5777 / Aurix TC2xx microprocessor

Bench mode: Bosch EDC16 based on Motorola MPC5xx microprocessor.

Bench mode: VAG/VOLVO MED9 based on Motorola MPC5xx microprocessor (Other brands using ME(D)9 currently not supported, will be added in future release)


5. Gearbox

PCMtuner supports gearbox while ECU Bench Tool doesn’t.



The two ECU Programmer has 3 main differences:

1. ECU Bench Tool only has Bench Mode while PCMtuner has OBD/Bench/Boot Mode

2. Cheaper ECU Bench Tool supports some MD1&MG1-protocol ECUs that PCMtuner doesn’t (check part 4)

3. PCMtuner supports gearbox while ECU Bench Tool doesn’t


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