Fixed! V2022.6 BMW Software with Godiag V600 Firmware Update Issue

The latest V2022.6 BMW ICOM Software is compatible for VXDIAG BMW, GODIAG V600, BMW ICOM Next etc.

Before we run V2022.6 BMW ISTA+ 4.35.20 with Godiag V600, need to set firmware version manually, or it will show “Firmware” State and can’t set up connection.


Here is the guide on manual setting of firmware version:


Step 1.

Connect Godiag V600 to vehicle, and then connect V600 to PC via LAN cable or Wi-Fi. (Do Not connect via LAN cable and Wi-Fi at once, and V600 is connected to vehicle)

Run “STTech.AnyVCI.Updater.exe”. (Users for first-time use need to register first and then login in, here is the download link:

fixed-v2022.6-bmw-software-with-godiag-v600-firmware-update-issue-2 fixed-v2022.6-bmw-software-with-godiag-v600-firmware-update-issue-3


Step 2.

Login in, and enter “Advanced features” menu.



Step 3.

Find “FirmwareVersion”, select “user-defined”, set “Boot” “App” “Pck” as below, and click “Set”.







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