Foxwell NT510 Elite 2020 Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews about FOXWELL NT510 Elite OBD2 code scanner from the customer who purchases it in year 2020.


Review 1: Well worth getting!

Bought this nt510 elite for my 2019 440i Grand Coupe. I had a bunch of weird codes pop up when I accidentally turned my car on with the airbag taken off. Was changing my steering wheel. Dealership wanted a ton of money to clear them even though nothing was really wrong or broken. I bought this and it cleared then all and does a diagnostic too, which is actually pretty cool. Registration and update are a little weird but I eventually figured it out. The only personal info you have to give them is your name, country and email. All in all it worked great and am glad I bought it.

Foxwell NT510 Elite

Review 2: Good scanner

This scanner is awesome. It works very well for my BMW. Basically everything that it says it does it really does. I was able to align my own DME with the EWS. As long as the NT510 elite scanner can communicate with the computer in your car you can use all of the functions. This item is a must have for BMW owners. It’s very user friendly, so please do not be afraid of this tool, just make sure the one you buy is for your make, model, and year. Enjoy! :)


Review 3: Foxwell NT510 is worth it!

Easy scanner to use. Works extremely well. I was having a problem with my BMW shaking upon acceleration. I throw a bunch of parts at the problem with no prevail. Finally purchased the scanner and it picked up a misfire in cylinder 2. It turned out that one of the injectors I replaced, cylinder 2, was faulty. Thank you Foxwell. Great product!


Review 4: Worth its’ weight in Gold

Using this nt510 elite once more than pays for itself with the cost savings of not going to a dealership. Easy to use and is a must have item is you want to work on your own BMW. I have a 2007 BMW 750Li and have starting doing a lot of the service / maintenance myself and this tool is invaluable.


Review 5: Very good!

No complaints does what it’s intended to do,
Worked on my bmw e46 325ci
Able to clear and read codes
Bought this nt510 elite so I could read my abs, and dsc lights.


Review 6: Work on my BMW perfectly

Have 2008 528xi bought it used got this to read the computer found 21 fault codes . The foxwell nt510 elite cleared almost all codes , very user-friendly. I would recommend this product and this company, fast,great customer service.


Review 7: NT510 elite for BMW injector coding. (Works!)

I bought this NT510 elite to code in injectors on my N54 powered 335xi. It is pretty clunky, and I am red-green colorblind. This made it difficult to enter numbers in for coding. I had to look for movement on the screen to see what was highlighted. Kind of challenging. Also without a power supply the car shut off the obd2 port while I was entering numbers.

Things to keep in mind when coding injectors:

I eventually used a power supply while I had the scanner plugged in. I also noticed that if I left the door of the car open, it wouldn’t automatically read the Vin number of the car. I had to turn my jb4 to map 0 to get the injector values to save. So I tried a total of four times to enter values. It finally worked and was well worth the price and effort. The car runs way better now and starts quickly after replacing leaky injectors and replacing spark plugs.


Review 8: Pays for itself after first needed use

Used this to diagnose the service engine soon light on my BMW. This reader did the job and more. I was very impressed with just how much you can do with this thing…the sheer amount of diagnostic and computer control goes far beyond my abilities as a garage mechanic. Shut off individual fuel injectors one by one? Sure go ahead!!! This thing is magic. Any BMW owner should have one in the trunk. Pays for itself after first needed use.


Review 9: Just buy it!

If you have a BMW and are thinking about purchasing this foxwell nt510 elite scanner think no more. Buy it! I have a 2006 BMW X5 3.0 it read all 38 modules and gave me exact issues with my car. Mine happened to be MAF sensor and I was able to verify it with this tool as well by going to live data and looking at the readings from the MAF Sensor. Voltage, air flow and intake air temp, live… this is just one example, it can do many many things for your BMW, you won’t regret it.


Review 10: A tool every car owner should own

I use this foxwell nt510 elite to correctly identified a bad YAW sensor. (On my 2001 BMW 325i)
Replaced YAW sensor and no more ABS/DSC/Brake light .. shimmering activations.
Code reader takes the guesswork out of your problem to help you get on the right track to fixing your car.
Fast delivery and did not need to call for support.
Overall .. a great experience with vendor.


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