Foxwell NT650 Elite Test Report & User Review

North Ireland customer who bought Foxwell NT650 Elite from the Foxwell OBD2 shopping website of recently gave our customer service feedback, that NT650 Elite didn’t support SAS special function for 2007 Chevy Suburban. He wanted to find out why this thing would happen on the new-purchase tool.

The focus goes to if NT650 elite’s SAS function tests OK on 2007 Chevy Suburban.



Here below posts the actual experience of how he operated this tool on his vehicle with specific steps:


“plugged the Foxwell NT650 Elite into the OBD 2 port of my 2007 Chevy Suburban and the NT650elite powered up.
I turned the key to the on position ( I also tried it with the vehicle running and it didn’t change anything)
I selected maintenance
I selected SAS
I selected GM
I selected smart vin
VIN ”3GNEK16387G282414” appeared on the scan tool screen
I selected yes that’s the correct vin
I selected Suburban
I selected auto HVAC
I selected Under 8600 GVW
I selected with VSES
The NT650 ELITE then shows UNKNOWN SOFTWARE on the screen.”


Technical support response:


The Foxwell NT650 Elite’s screen prompts message of “UNKNOWN SOFTWARE”, because for2007 Chevy Suburbaon SAS special function, so far it is not supported yet. This prompted message is not accurate enough that we will improve it in the later updated software versions and in the future, expanse more vehicle models’ support of SAS function.


Representative User Review:

@Mature Ambience gave five-star rating: Definitely worth the money!

“Very fast delivery and well-organized package. Got NT650 Elite two weeks ago, used it on 007 Mini Cooper 1.6 non turbo N12 engine for clearing the red steering lock sign on dash. Perfectly worked.”


@Richard Castillo gave five-star rating: Fast-running professional scanner

“I eventually found a product, NT650 Elite, which can work well on my 2017 Ford Focus 1.5 TDCI for DPF, not regretted buying this product. Worth the money.”


@Mature Ambience gave five-star rating: Fits all my basic car diagnostic needs

Foxwell NT650 Elite works very well on 007 Mini Cooper 1.6 non turbo N12 engine for clearing the red steering lock sign on dash.


@Vincenzo Stilo gave five-star rating: Work perfectly in Maintenance Reset Functions


Car model:

1999 bmw 328i,2000 honda accord, 2001 Audi A4,2003 Honda odyssey, 2008 bmw335i

Function :Reset SRS

Feedbacn after operation: Test OK!


@Kennet Sörensen gave five-star rating: Cant wait to recommend it to my car friend

I bought it like two weeks ago and used it to read and clear fault codes on my 2008 Pontiac G8 Gt. It seems it did work as expected. Fine Tool! Will definitely buy it again and recommend it to my friends.


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