Foxwell NT650 vs NT630 Elite vs Autel MaxiCheck Pro

Look here: FOXWELL NT650 vs. NT630 ELITE vs. AUTEL MaxiCheck PRO 


  Foxwell NT650 Foxwell NT630 Elite Autel Maxicheck Pro
Customer Rating 4.5 / 5 4.3 / 5 4.3 / 5
Price 210 usd 149 usd 199 usd
ABS/ SRS Yes Yes Yes
Turn OFF CEL Yes Yes Yes
Freeze Frame Yes Yes Yes
Oil Service Reset Yes No Yes
EPB Yes No Yes

FOXWELL NT650 and Autel Maxicheck Pro share almost the same special functions. But the N650 is much more popular for the high quality.
NT630 Elite cannot work for EPB, BRT, EPB, DPF, SAS, TPS, TPMS, TBA, etc which NT650 can do.

So, NT650 FOXWELL wins!