Free Download 2022 Newest V1.21 PCMtuner ECU Programmer Software

The Newest 2022 PCMtuner V1.21 can read/write ECU and gearbox through OBD, BENCH, and BOOT 3 modes.

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  • Free Update Online, No Annual Fee.
  • Read and write ECU&Gearbox through OBD, BENCH, and BOOT modes
  • Compared with version 1.20, PCMtuner has 44 new protocols
  • Forcibly write (forcibly clone) without verification, and forcibly read and write unknown ECUs with supported chip models.
  • Supply VR files and helpdesk for all legal users.
  • Buy PCMtuner Dongleseparately to update old KTM100/KTM 3 in 1 to PCMtuner (Contact us for detailed update schemes)
  • Provide customers stage1 stage2 stage3, popbangs, gearbox data to adjust LC, sport display, Immo off, Adblue off, DPFoff, DTC off, vmax, swirl off, restoring ECU or TCU factory setting service


200 Newly-added Bosch MED/EDC17 Read/Write Protocols without Opening the Cover.

VAG Simos 12.1, 12.2

VAG Simos PCR2.1


Hyundai/KIA SIM2K-240, SIM2K-241,SIM2K-250, SIM2K-251, SIM2K-260, SIM2K-305, MT86

Ford/LR SID208 Flash read

Scania EMS S8 BAM. Just 3 point PCB connection into VIA holes. Can be connected without removing gel.


MB SID307, SID310

Renault SID307, SID309, SID310

Porsche SDI21.x

Mitsubishi E6T83XXX, E6T32xxx

Isuzu Transtron SH72544R

Isuzu Transtron L4.3

Hino EDC7UC31

Hyundai, Greatwall DCM6.2AP

and others…

Coming Soon:

VAG Simos 18.1, 18.2

VAG Simos 18.10

FCA Marelli 8GMK/8GML, MJ9DF, 10GF


BMW MSD80, MSV80, MSD81, MSD85.0/MSD85.4, MSD85.1/MSD85.3, MSD87.1/MSD87.2, MSV90


Difference and Similarity between PCMtuner and KTM200?

Different software versions: PCMtuner V1.21, KTM200 v1.20

Different Manufacturer

Old KTM Bench, KTM 3 in 1… can be updated to new PCMtuner and KTM200 via dongle returning for update or buy new dongle.


How to Connect PCMtuner?

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