Free download Newest ODIS 4.0.0 PostSetup 30.0.10 -100% Works

ODIS 4.0.0 PostSetup 30.0.10 is tested working 100% OK with new functions, bug fixes and more models covered – From engineer test (worth to trust).

…Test Report…

Windows 7 32bit works (Try other OS at your own risk)

Compatible 5054A hardware:

Item No. SP33-BO, VAS5054 with Bluetooth and OKI chip €64 (OK)

VXDIAG VCX NANO VAS 5054 €59.99 (OK)

Item No. SP33-B , €60 (OK)

Item No. SP33-E, Bluetooth(AMB 2300), €89 (OK)

Item No. SP33   (Under testing)

Item No. SP33-C (Not OK)

Item No. SP33-D (Not OK)


ODIS 4.0.0 PostSetup 30.0.10 download:!kkxEAaib!gXrR7d_nX7WpRv6X1YkRBiRoqp7F-VYKodnTP0ErtbM

Here two test pictures:

 ODIS 4.0.0 -1 ODIS 4.0.0 -2 

Release ODIS 4.0.0

This release contains new features and bug fixes.

New functions

 Support for Windows 10 operating system

 Performance optimization in the diagnostic entry

 Detection of the VAS 6154 via subnets

 Support for non-converging measurements in the GFF

 Integration of the brand Bugatti


 Deviation in the EcuCom job for “ECU coding” KWP2000

 ODIS installation error message – Could not call proc – Actia PDU API

 Flashing with large data container, flash session is not started

 Fuel system can not be vented // Level not readable

 Flash abort ERROR PROGRAMMING at Audi A1 Bremse (TPI 2033217/3)

 ODIS crashed when switching from USB to Bluetooth

 Bluetooth connection type: No new connection was established after the diagnostic test was again within range of the VAS5054A.

 Crash at application start

 Update to 3.0.2 fails with ODS4010E: UpdateProcess failed with 11

 Query error memory hangs: “Read control units (33%)”

 Connection setup when changing from Bluetooth to USB takes too long

 Authentication problem in WLAN infrastructure mode with RADIUS server

 VAS 6154 is searched for on the wrong interface after completion of the diagnostic session

 ODIS service SingleBuild installation, setup message “Runtime Error” for recovered testers

 DA_14 in the AU48X DSD not possible

 VCI 5054 Connection termination for Windows user change

 ODIS Interface texts: German texts have been deleted from the XML files (vaudas.texts)

 ODIS Service does not display the version of the diagnostic data for MAN in the correct format.

 Calibration instruction must be adjusted

 Buttons are displayed partially in the wrong language (German instead of English).

 The symbol of the status icon changes with the ODIS close

 Buttons to start the JRC and choose your own exam is missing

 The date in disclaimer with EN-US language is not displayed correctly

 In the installation dialog, the language en_US is displayed twice

 Speech caseback leads to corrupt feedback file (invalides XML)

 Vehicle project VW VIN can not be opened // ODS8003E Execution in system state PROJECT_OPENED not possible.

 VCI-Number on DISS-protocol

Vehicle restrictions

 For brand AUDI, the Flash mode is supported.

 For brand Volkswagen PKW, the Flash mode is only partly supported. The usage is only allowed if described in TPI.

 For all other brands, Flash mode is restricted.

Supported Vehicles

All supported vehicles are listed below.

Supported AUDI-Models

 All AUDI-Models are supported.

Supported Volkswagen-Models

 All Volkswagen-Models are supported.

Supported Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge-Models

 All Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge-Models are supported.

 Only immobilizer components in LT2 vehicles can be diagnosed.

Supported Seat-Models

 All Seat-Models are supported.

Supported Skoda-Models

 All Skoda-Models are supported.

Supported Bentley-Models

 All Bentley-Models are supported.

Supported Lamborghini-Models

 Only the following Lamborghini vehicle models are supported:

o Gallardo from MY09-MY14 (only for Immobilizer and Radio Pin)

o Aventador

o Huracán