Free download VVDI2 Full Key Programmer Newest Software V1.2.3

Xhorse VVDI2 is a commander key programmer supports more powerful functions and vehicles (such as BMW, Porsche, VW, Audi) than VVDI. Here share with users the newest update information of VVDI2.

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VVDI2 VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche Key Programmer Full Version V1.2.3-mega!39xUCSQa!Xfw9OWF2T4PgyUjC1G5RQ1XlADTxGQOZWucQ-lNEGHQ

VVDI2 Commander V1.2.3 Update Information (NOV16,2016):


Require firmware V2.2.3


=====  VAG V1.2.3=====

  1. Fix bugs for lost all key via OBDII: support keyless Go cars
  2. Bugfix

=====  BMW V1.2.3=====


=====  Porsche V1.2.3=====


=====  PSA V2.0.5=====


=====  Transponder Programmer V1.2.3=====

  1. Fix bug for copy some HITAG2(46) transponder
  2. Prepare remote: Add support for Chevrolet Epica
  3. Immobilizer data tool: bugfix Skoda fabia 93C86
  4. Bugfix

=====  J2534 V1.2.3=====


=====  Quick Start V1.2.3       =====


User manuals:

Install software and driver:

Online update instruction:

BMW User manual:


Transponder Programmer User manual:!zZsmnQhb!NLUMRaw0xuMp9QcAmzXI6R0AYnGugFmrdDNz9KXuhHQ


Customers’ Feedback

Q:Is there only with 5th BDM without 5th coil ?

A:Since 5th coil had been connected with VVDI unit, and difficult to connect BDM.So it is single one.


Q:What’s CAS Plus on VVDI2 ?

A:It can be used to read EWS CAS1.2.3. The used CAS4,5th and 4th coil had been connected on VVDI2 unit


Q:Does VVDI2 support BMW CAS4+ keys ?

A:Yes, it can


Q:Which kind of keys is programmed via OBD2 and which is via CAS ?

A:Pls refer to BMW Multi Tool instructions ,since VVDI2 is with same function with BMW Multi Tool

Q:What’s the difference between VVDI2 and TM100 about key programming ?

A:The key programming function and method of VVDI2 is similar with TM100.
On the other words,VVDI2 include all TM100 function, and BMW,VAG series.


Q:Do we need to solder chips when using VVDI to do EWS , How about TM100?

A:VVDI2 can not support EWS, but VVDI2,VVDIProg are related with EWS.
If use VVDI2 with CAS Plus adapter and then can not tear some kind of chips