FVDI 2014 review: what works & what NOT works?

FVDI 2014 review:

I bought a v2015 FVDI Fiat from cardiag.co.uk (now cardiagtool.co.uk) three years ago. But now I’ve reflashed it using a CP2102 adapter for a very cheap money to v2014 FULL.

So here are what works:
-Renew and unlock MB W203/W209/W211 ESL (using a big database, what you can find on MhhAuto): OK (tested by me)
-Read (PIN/CS7) VW Golf 5 Micronas dashboard: OK (tested by me)
-Read (PIN/CS6/MAC) VW Golf 5 from (autodetect) Gasoline ECU: OK (tested by me)
-Read Opel Astra H / Zafira B pin code from Info display: OK (tested by me)

And here are what NOT works:
-Ford Mondeo 2008 Visteon dash: milage correction by OBD not OK. Read old value ok, but cant write new. (tested by dinho)
-Ford Transit 2008 add new key: not OK can not read key info (tested by dzoha17)
-Mazda 6 2006 mileage: not OK (tested by dzoha17)

As I know, many peoples has questions about the FVDI. I hope my time to collect this values for you.


Good to know: FVDI 2014 vs FVDI 2015 vs FVDI 2018


FVDI FVDI 2014 FVDI 2015 FVDI 2018
AVDI software Yes Yes Yes
VVDI2 software No No Yes
VVDI2 4th/5th IMMO for VW No No Yes
More Yes Yes Yes


Source: http://blog.cardiagtool.co.uk/fvdi-2018-software-download-with-reviews/