GODIAG V600-BM Diagnostic Test with BMW ISTA-D Software

GODIAG V600-BM BMW Diagnostic and Programming Tool

GODIAG V600 is a BMW professional diagnostic & programming / coding tool.It can access to all systems of newest BMW car models to quickly read / clear fault codes, read dynamic data stream, active test, activation, components replacement, ECU replacement and upgrading, personalized settings, ECU programming, retrofitting and upgrading car configuration, SCN Coding, transmission initialization, enable the hidden features etc.

GODIAG V600-BM Highlights:

1. Same working function as BMW ICOM/ BMW ICOM Next
2. ECU programming and calibration.
3. Fully compatible with official diagnostic software
4. Perform vehicle intelligent diagnosis, all-system all-function fast diagnosis; can read & clear fault codes, read data stream, actuation test etc.
5. Multi-task diagnosis: based on the efficient architecture design of diagnosis service software
6. Diagnostic feedback: support one-key upload the device logs. If you encounter exceptional vehicle and abnormal function, you are allowed to report the problem to the manufacturer, then the technicians will track and handle your problem.


GODIAG V600-BM Diagnostic Test with BMW software demo is gonna be shared for customers in the following content.


Prepare Tool:

GODIAG V600-BM Main Unit *1


Test Platform Connected Cables *several

Functional PC *1


Main Operation Procedures:

We have to connect V600-BM unit to the OBD port (Note: Do not press F1 reset button when receiving V600. If F1 reset button causes test failure, registration and license updating will be needed.)


Then we must connect V600 WiFi by the password you set like this:

godiag-v600-bm-diagnostic-test-with-bwm-istad-software-1 godiag-v600-bm-diagnostic-test-with-bwm-istad-software-2


Open IToolRadar to check the connection status

godiag-v600-bm-diagnostic-test-with-bwm-istad-software-3 godiag-v600-bm-diagnostic-test-with-bwm-istad-software-4


Open BWM ISTA-D diagnostic software, select “Operation”, click “Read Out Vehicle Data”>> “Complete identification”


Make the certain “Device ID” as your choice and click “Setup connection”.

godiag-v600-bm-diagnostic-test-with-bwm-istad-software-5 godiag-v600-bm-diagnostic-test-with-bwm-istad-software-6 godiag-v600-bm-diagnostic-test-with-bwm-istad-software-7


Ongoing background process…Vehicle identification checking…Read current vehicle context, it will appear the “Control unit tree” as below:


Click “Display fault memory”>> “Repair/maintenance, scan the function menu as below:



Next is to click “Programming plan”, the calculation of the measures plan will take a few seconds.

godiag-v600-bm-diagnostic-test-with-bwm-istad-software-9 godiag-v600-bm-diagnostic-test-with-bwm-istad-software-10


Click software update if you want to update relevant ones.



Click “Control unit replacement” if you want to check what control unit you’ve already replaced.



Under the “Vehicle management” option, click “Troubleshooting” to check the current status of your vehicle components.



Test report: GODIAG V600-BM Diagnostic Test with BMW ISTA-D Software is a big success!

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