HHT-WIN changes temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsiu

This is how to use HHT-WIN to change the display from Fahrenheit to Celsius on Mercedes 1997-1999 models, for those would like the outside temperature display and the Climate Control Unit to show in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.


It is possible and very easy to do a lot have done it successfully. Before that, what you need is DAS MB scanner (such as SDconnect C4 HQ clone or the dealer)


Not the obd2 it has to be connected under the hood where the 38 pin connector is and to change any settings on your cluster thru MB scanner u have to find KI module!!!
Ok once you connect the mux with the car and communicate with HHTWIN go to :Body
then go to:
Then go to:
Controls module adaptations
Then go to:
Read/change coding
And after that scroll down to #7 Temperature display in
Once u get there click on C and that’s how the Cooke crumbles  ENJOY!!!

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