Honda HDS HIM 3.102.004 free download and install guide (No pass)


Topic: Honda HDS HIM 3.102.004 free download link and HDS HIM 3.102.004 install guide.!U0swkDab!QJQdQrQ2gkfDdEytkaDVDKa5vJSZL5YlOoVQWx43gb4

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WIN 7 works

WIN 8 10 need luck

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Honda HDS HIM 3.102.004 what works:

Support VIN Reader.

Test Coverage: Dynamical, Body, Chassis, ABS, SRS, Anti-theft, etc.

For Honda HDS supports CAN BUS system, and it can re-program the Auto ECU.

Support for Honda vehicles from 1992-2017 year

Reading and decoding fault codes from control blocks memory

Deleting fault codes

Displays system current parameters in digital form

Combined displaying of data

Management of executive devices

Logs keeping – writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory


Honda HDS HIM 3.102.004 installation guide (on Youtube):

HIM 3.102.004 Youtube Video: is already made, but need time to upload to Youtube, please wait 1-2 days.

Honda HDS HIM 3.102.004 for sale, €95 not incl. shipping cost, incl. one piece of Z-TEK USB1.1 To RS232 Convert Connector: