How to add new key to 2015 BMW X1 by CGDI prog BMW

How to use CGDI prog BMW MSV80 key programmer to program new key to BMW X1 through downgrade? Here is the step-by-step guide for you.


Car: 2015 BMW X1 CAS3+


Two car keys: Original car key& blank car key

BMW test platform (DIY)

cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new-key-to-2015-bmw-x1-1 cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new-key-to-2015-bmw-x1-2


Step 1: Connect to CGDI prog BMW

Step 2: Program key

Step 3: Test new key

Note: The car is CAS3+, need to downgrade. Downgrading on the vehicle must ensure that the vehicle voltage is stable. Charge the car batteries by other car. But if it’s not convenient, you’d better dismantle the CAS and downgrade with test platform.

Step 1: Connect to CGDI prog BMW

Dismantle the CAS DME from the car

Plug the test cable into the CAS port

Connect the ignition switch to the CAS

Connect CAS to CGDI prog BMW device via OBD

Turn on the power switch and adjust the voltage to about 12V


Step 2: Program key

Open the CGDI BMW software

Select “BMW CAS1-3+ Key Match”-> “Read key info”

Pay attention to the prompt “The current CAS version needs to be downgraded by programming, whether it needs to be downgraded or not. When programming CAS, please confirm that the car has enough power, and it is forbidden to disconnect the device during programming.”

Click “YES”

cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new-key-to-2015-bmw-x1-4 cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new-key-to-2015-bmw-x1-5

Note: Please remove the key from the ignition switch

The key has been removed, just click “OK”

Wait 10 minutes…

Read key info success


Select one key unused (key2)

Click “Generate dealer key” to generate

Select the first mode to get the ISN code

Insert the original car into CGDI prog BMW coil

cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new-key-to-2015-bmw-x1-7 cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new-key-to-2015-bmw-x1-8

Take out the original key from CGDI prog BMW

And insert the blank key

Return to desktop and click OK”


Check the prompt warning massage:

Whether the key currently programmed is a smart key?

Note: If is a smart key, the key will be locked!

The key is a remote key, click “No”


Program key successfully


Insert the blank programmed into BMW key slot

Can be used normally


Click “Read key info” to read key data again

Read key info success

Save the relevant data to desktop

cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new-key-to-2015-bmw-x1-13 cgdi-prog-bmw-add-new-key-to-2015-bmw-x1-14

Step 3: Test new key

Place the CAS back to the BMW X1

Test remote- OK


Start the car- OK


Job’s done!