How to: BMW F18 coding by E-sys3.27.1 loading on VXDIAG A3

Topic: BMW F18 coding using E-sys3.27.1 loading on device allscanner VXDIAG A3 (3 in 1).

allscanner VXDIAG A3 (3 in 1) basic information:

VXDIAG A3 function & vehicle coverage = BMW ICOM + VAS5054 + JLR SDD. It covers BMW, LAND ROVER & JAGUAR, VW also latest DOIP and perform diagnose, programming, coding etc. With newest software ISTA-D V40.01 ISTA-P V3.59 , SDD V148 & ODIS 4.0.


Following are procedure.

1.Open IToolRader



  1. Click “VCXnet DoIP” -> “Connect VCX ” -> “DoIP”

DoIP ON-04 connect vcx-02 DoIP ON-03

  1. Loading e-sys

Tick on “Connection via ICOM/Ethernet…” shown as below.

Loading e-sys-07 Loading e-sys-05 Loading e-sys-06

Click “Coding”, then “Read”, right click “Activate FA”

Activate FA-08

Click “Read SVI”, after file read out, click “code”

read svi-09 read svi-10 read svi-11

Click ” Close”, then get report “0 error”

0 error report-12

Close connection, then exit E-sys.

Coding complete

Turn off the DoIP, otherwise the VXDIAG A3 device will be occupied.