How to choose BMW round 20 pin or 16 pin obd2?


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I have a 2001 740iL and i have both BMW 20pin and 16 pin in the engine bay and interior of the car. i have a scanner with the 16 pin obd2 only. Can you help me with the difference in these 2 connections? Should I use the 20 pin instead of 16?

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Depends what your scanner is capable of.

The OBD port can communicate to Engine Control Module and automatic Transmission Control Module only.

The  BMW 20-pin port can communicate with engine, transmission, AND all other modules (airbag, traction/ABS, etc).


Keep in mind that most generic scanners only read emissions related codes that only require OBD. A BMW specific scanner will read more modules through your 20-pin.

BMW scanner I own:

I have a k+d can cable that I will plus in my laptop with ISTA d or ISTA p. I was advised that If my car has a 20-pin port present, I need to use that (K+DCAN cable with 20-pin adapter is fine) to access all modules; especially with ISTA, since ISTA scans all modules.

I also need to check if pin 15 in the round plug is populated. If it is I will need an ADS interface for certain modules. The most common one I have found to still be on ADS in the late cars is the ASC/DSC.