How to Clear Land Rover Evoque Fault Codes via Foxwell GT80

I have successfully used Foxwell GT80 professional diagnostic tool to read and clear fault codes of Rover Evoque 2012, here I will share the process with more guys.

After many weeks of reading and finding sparse bits of information here and there, I finally ordered Foxwell GT80 as my Rover Evoque 2012 fault codes scan tool, it cost me €1070 with free shipping, the price is a little high, but I have used it to diagnostic my car and my friends’, no major problems have been found yet. My friends said that this product could make a lot of unemployed mechanic. Hummm…I think it is right.

All right, let’s go to the detailed procedures:

First of all, I connect Foxwell GT80 with my Evoque via diagnostic cable which comes with the GT80.


NEXT start the scanner, this is main menu


Then Go to Diagnostic -> Vehicle Selection ->EUROPE-> Land Rover

foxwell-gt80-4 foxwell-gt80-3

It is establishing vehicle communications. Waiting…

Well, Select Main Groups->Auto Scan


Next I Select ABS-ABS control module

Select diagnostic function->ECU information


Select diagnostic function->Read Codes


And Back to Erase Codes

Then I select diagnostic function-> Live Data->All Data to know my car status

foxwell-gt80-10 foxwell-gt80-8 foxwell-gt80-9

Next I Select GSMB-Gearshift module B

And select diagnostic function->Read Codes


After reading completely, back to Erase Codes

Select Quick Erase


Are you sure to erase code? Yes


Finally, I select Main Groups->Auto Scan again to confirm the fault codes are erased.


Done! It is simple to operate.