How to config d-pdu api to use vas5054a in Windows 10?

Is there a way to use chinese VAS 5054 on Windows 10 machine?

This is how to configure d-pdu api to use vas5054a in Windows 10


I believe you need to registry edit driver settings for 64 bit support. For win10 I dont think you can because either x32 and x64 are not supported. I have a second ssd with win 7 x32  (small factor) for just odis  but laptop has to be supported by drivers, newer laptops don’t support windows 7, just windows 10.


Maybe 8,.2.3 supports win10. Is it with pdu api 1.20.42?? Dont have it so I cannot test it.

This is for your information.

The best is to install vas5054a in Windows 7 or use a virtual machine.

look here:

odis engineering windows 7 – works perfectly

odis service windows 7 – works good