How to Download VR Files and Damos from VZ-performance for PCMtuner?

In this article, we’ll show you how to get VR files and damos from VZ-performance for your PCMtuner ECU Programmer.


Step 1. Activation

Firstly, users must make sure that their email (User Name) is activated.

If not, contact your seller, attach email and serial number, and then wait for activation.

(Serial Number is on the bottom left of PCMtuner program)



Step 2. Login in

After activation, to login in VZ-Performance,

Users can either download the app or just go to “”




User Name = Email, Password = Serial Number


Note: There is a code on the back of PCMtuner box, this code is not serial number


Step 3. Download file

When users login in VZ-Performance, switch to “Search” page.

how-to-download-vr-files-and-damos-from-vz-performance-for-pcmtuner-5 how-to-download-vr-files-and-damos-from-vz-performance-for-pcmtuner-6

Type ECU type like MG1 or a number, enter key twice and wait, and you will get file options.


Click “Download” to get it.


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