How to Format the Foxwell Professional Tools?

If you have purchased any kind of Foxwell Professional Tools from cardiagtool UK E-shop, you would like to know about How to Format the Foxwell Professional Tools, for example, FOXWELL NT809 and GT60 plus diagnostics. There may occur any complicated problems that will make you decide to do this on your device. Read on to check the detailed procedures.


The format procedures is a little complicated, so please strictly follow the steps below to achieve the effect. This article will take the Foxwell Automaster Pro scanner as an example.


1.Connect the device with your PC, enter into the “Update” interface.

how-to-format--foxwell-professional-tools-1 how-to-format--foxwell-professional-tools-2


2.Select the internal TF storage card on your tool, right click and choose “Format” to complete.



3.After completing the TF cards, you need to plug out the connectors.


4.Open up the FoxAssist app and log in with your registered account. Wait until a blue interface appear, click “OK” button and you will see the FoxAssist app has already diagnose the information of your TF card’s information.

how-to-format--foxwell-professional-tools-5 how-to-format--foxwell-professional-tools-6


5.Choose Home page and universal Text Base and then click on “Update” to get your intended newest version of the vehicle software.

how-to-format--foxwell-professional-tools-7 how-to-format--foxwell-professional-tools-8


Awesome! The format procedure of your device is completed.

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