How to Install BMW ICOM A3 D-link and able WIFI function?

Some BMW ICOM A3 with WIFI function users have no idea how to install BMW ICOM A3 D-link and able WIFI function, here a step-by-step procedure.

Option 1: If you want to setup ICOM D-link by yourself, please follow the next procedure.

1.Open ITool Radar to recognize ICOM information shown as below.


2.Open IE and enter ICOM configuration IP address ( the ICOM IP address is the one that read out)

Take for example.


3.Select WLAN Settings and enter the Wifi information, click “Save Changes”.


4.Disconnect the network connection and power off, reboot ICOM, then ICOM will automatically connect WIFI.

Option 2: If you use the software and USB-WIFI from, the configuration information is:

Mode: 802.11n, 2.4GHz


Security Type: WPA2 Personal

Pre‐shared Key: BmwAp24h