How to install iProg Pro crack software version 69 on Windows XP

Look here: iprog pro clone is released. confirmed to work perfectly on Windows XP. good at airbag reset, dashboard  odometer correction, and a lot of programming.

Here is iprog+ software installation instruction.

iprog operating system:


Windows xp: tested 100%
Windows vista
Windows 7
Windows 8

iprog pro price: around 500 usd (iprog clone)

iprog+ software download:

iprog version 69 install:

open computer, then the disk with iprog software

extract iprog to the local disk c:

go to disk c:/iprog+ 2018 0001

send iprogpro69 app to the desktop


install software for iprog universal programmer

iprog-windows-xp-install-5 iprog-windows-xp-install-2 iprog-windows-xp-install-3 iprog-windows-xp-install-4

setup ports: com4 in the computer management


run iprog application on the desktop

iprog version: 69

iprog language


iprog for adapter tests


iprog airbag

iprog-windows-xp-install-9 iprog-windows-xp-install-10

iprog car


iprog odomerer dashboard

iprog-windows-xp-install-12 iprog-windows-xp-install-13 iprog-windows-xp-install-14

iprog eeprom

iprog-windows-xp-install-15 iprog-windows-xp-install-16

read 96c46

iprog-windows-xp-install-18 iprog-windows-xp-install-19

iprog mcu


iprog other functions


iprog clone of high quality

iprog-programmer-for-sale-1 iprog-programmer-for-sale-2 iprog-programmer-for-sale-3 iprog-programmer-for-sale-4 iprog-programmer-for-sale-5 iprog-programmer-for-sale-6 iprog-programmer-for-sale-7 iprog-programmer-for-sale-8