How to install ODIS newer than 4.1.4 with clone VAS5054

Hello guys,

i read a lot in this forum, how to use old VAS5054a with new versions of ODIS. The main thing i read about is to replace the PDU-API with the latest working one for Clones 1.20.041. Thats not a great thing, but for me it don´t work. ODIS can´t connect to the car. After a lot of reading in inet i found the solution for this.

After replacing dpu api to v 1.20.041 its needed to edit the file C:\ODIS-DIAG-MODULES\MCD-SERVER\VWMCD\MCD3D_Server.ini

find MCD3D_MVCI_PDU_API_Shortname=”D_PDU_API_DSA” and edit to this

EDIT:  some tests later the shortname can be different, depending on your installs and how to install the PDU-API

the correct shortname is in file C:\ProgramData\D-PDU API\pdu_api_root.xml the part with the 1.20.041 drivers

For ODIS-E it works also but the path is little different C:\ODIS-DIAG-MODULES-ENGINE\MCD-SERVER\VWMCD\MCD3D_Server.ini

Note that, ODIS service latest version 4.4.1 has been tested with vas 5054a china clone.

Hope it will help someone.