How to Perform Oil Reset for Audi A6 2011 with Foxwell NT680 Pro


As one of the powerful Auto Code Reader members, Foxwell NT80 Pro always keeps its style of providing workshops, technicians and enthusiasts affordable diagnostic solutions. This kind of doing has earned Foxwell series products a lot more reputation in this online shop!

This article will do a demonstration on how to use Foxwell NT680 Pro to perform the Oil Reset Function for Audi A6 2011, which is a frequently-met issue that bothers the customers a lot.


Before performing the exact operation steps, let’s come and see the oil change and inspection information on my car computer.


The car dashboard will pop up a little symbol up here. Every time you turn on or turn off the car, the on-board computer will expect you shouldn’t do.



OK, Let’s get started on it.


Precise Operation Procedures:

First, you gotta to connect this NT680 Pro unit with your vehicle using OBDII cable.

The car dashboard may display the message of “Brake pedal must be applied to shift from P”.

Actually, it doesn’t matter. But you have to make sure the ignition is turned on before this test.



Come to the Main Menu>> Choose “Maintenance” to enter<< Choose “OIL RESET”

foxwell-nt680-pro-audi-a6-2011-oil-reset-4 foxwell-nt680-pro-audi-a6-2011-oil-reset-5


Then, it will come to the steps of selecting the car area, model and year stuff.

Here, we will choose “Europe<< Audi” to continue.

foxwell-nt680-pro-audi-a6-2011-oil-reset-6 foxwell-nt680-pro-audi-a6-2011-oil-reset-7


Choose “Auto Rest” in the Oil Rest menu and the screen will pop up a “Note” message. No questions, press OK to move on.

Next is the step to confirm your vehicle fitting for the Old Mode or New Mode.

If you can not confirm at this point, doesn’t matter. You can come back to choose another mode to make it work.

foxwell-nt680-pro-audi-a6-2011-oil-reset-8 foxwell-nt680-pro-audi-a6-2011-oil-reset-9 foxwell-nt680-pro-audi-a6-2011-oil-reset-10


Depending on your personal needs,two options of Small maintenance and High maintenance for you to choose.

If you choose “High maintenance”, the operation interface will show like this:

You can also use the “Manual set” function if the automatic oil reset doesn’t work.

Here, I will choose to do the “Small Maintenance”.

foxwell-nt680-pro-audi-a6-2011-oil-reset-11 foxwell-nt680-pro-audi-a6-2011-oil-reset-12 foxwell-nt680-pro-audi-a6-2011-oil-reset-13 foxwell-nt680-pro-audi-a6-2011-oil-reset-14


Very well! We just finished it.

So we can do the oil reset easily with this NT680 Pro service tool, quite useful!

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