How to Solve V1.25 PCMtuner Dongle Heat Problem?


Are dongles different on PCMtuner V1.25 package and Separate PCMtuner Dongle package?

Small red dongle would not heat; bigger green dongle would heat and emit smells.


Note: Small red dongle is included in PCMtuner package, while bigger green dongle is separate without PCMtuner host.



Then Cardiagtool gives our


Small dongle plugged into PC, won’t heat at all after 5 minutes.

Big dongle would heat after 90 seconds since being plugged into PC; more minutes later, the case becomes slightly soft.



Remove an encrypted chip. (*please contact your seller and remove under the guidance of engineers from PCMtuner team)


In Addition,

If PCMtuner dongle works well, heating is normal.

Even the encrypted chip burns off, dongle won’t lose connection with PC, since it is not necessary on the connection of main chip.


Hope this could help!

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