How to Update PCMtuner V1.21 and PCMflash V1.20?

How to update PCMtuner Software? Many customers have raised this question, here Cardiagtool will show the way to update PCMtuner.


Firstly, PCMtuner Software includes two parts:

PCMtuner – Connection Diagrams

PCMflash – ECU Read & Write

Initially, PCMtuner is V1.21 and PCMflash is V1.20.



How to Update PCMtuner?

*PCMtuner V1.22 is released on April 12th.


Connect device to laptop and the network, and PCMtuner program will automatically prompt you that V1.22 is available.

Just click “OK” to update.



*V1.22 PCMtuner Update Info:

· Bugfix

Fix Network Issues on French area

·Optimize Display


How to Update PCMflash?

*Currently no update available on PCMflash

*Do Not update PCMflash to V1.25, or the device will be locked and No way to restore!



PCMflash update needs:

New licenses – Free

New dongle – Charged, Standalone, Released in May or June.

Software – via online download link


Alright, that’s how to update PCMTuner software.


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