ICOM A1 not connect to cars with start button, how to solve

Using the ICOM A1 hardware and the  ISTA ver. 3.39 native (not VMware),

work perfect with most BMW cars;

on BMM car with key start, the ICOM full with all functions programming, coding, diagnose all work well,


but on cars (especially new cars) with start button it is impossible to connect it and don’t detect the ignition

So, here comes the user solution, just for share; good luck!

Easy way to check if it’s hardware or software. Connect the ICOM to another PC via LAN. While plugged into the OBD port of the car. Connect a charger to prevent battery drain. Access the ICOM manager in internet explorer (requires adobe flash) by typing the ip address (http://169.254.x.x:60080) use ITool radar to obtain the I.P address of the ICOM. ICOM clones usually will work. You will be presented with a screen to enter a user name and password.

Username is root

Password is NZY1150263

Once in the main screen select Channel/Device Configuration

You will see KL15 and KL30 voltage. Both should read battery voltage. If not and this problem happens on all cars newer than 2008 than problem is the ICOM controller not switching. If both show battery voltage the more likely software related. You can try to restore the ICOM by following my thread listed below or can send it in for repairs or buy a new one

You can also jump pins 1 & 16 from the back of the DLC connector in the car. This will also simulate terminal 15 by providing battery voltage to pin 1 which is also used as KL15 by the ICOM

Reference: How to do BMW ICOM factory reset?

Perform a factory reset if you face one of the following issues:

  • Single ICOM is offline in WSM although it is connected
  • Single ICOM is green and OK in WSM, but it is not available in Connection Manager and therefore cannot be reserved
  • Single ICOM is offline in WSM, but it is available in Connection Manager and also can be reserved
  • Single ICOM is not working in WLAN
  • Single ICOM (also new ICOMs) cannot be announced

ICOM Restore:


ICOM Firmware 3.10.42:


The Mega server includes the how to guide (PDF), factory ICOM restore image (BIN), and also Latest ICOM Firmware 3.10.42 (BIN) to update after the repair procedure.

Hope this helped.

Again, good luck.