Is Restoring BMW ISTAP Encryption Necessary after Downgrading?


We have the option to downgrade CAS3++ ISTAP to be able to read key data to generate a dealer and add it to the CAS.

Did someone think about restoring the ISTAP encryption back after making new keys? Xhorse/ Autel/ OBDSTAR do not offer such an option. Is it even possible via OBD? Probably doable on the bench but when on the bench – no need to downgrade at all.


Here is the Answer:

Yes we can restore ISTAP encryption but it is not necessary.


More Tips:

1.To downgrade the CAS if the battery voltage is under 12.8

13V and up is the best, or we will brick the CAS if we work with low voltage.


2.For tools to restore encryption,

Autohex will restore original flash or we can do it manually with a programmer by BDM

CGDI BMW can restore to encrypted

Autel can restore. Go to Diagnose BMW choose programming and Program the CAS

On ktp simply select immo programming-BMW-Select from system.


Done! Hope this helps!