ISTA/P cannot work with BMW F/G/I series since ISTA/P 3.62.0?

Release Notes ISTA-P_3.63.3_4.09.1x:

F, G and I series (will be switched off gradually from ISTA/P 3.62.0 on)

(that means that no partial programming for those cars.)

In detail…

ISTA/P – Note about switching off F, G, I series group


With the launch of ISTA 4, the functionality for programming the F, G, I series has been integrated in ISTA. From ISTA/P version 3.62.0 on (end of June 2017), the programming of the F, G, I series with ISTA/P will be gradually switched off.

Model series affected:

F, G, I series vehicles. ·

Series F056 can no longer be dealt with as of ISTA/P 3.62.1. ·

Series I001, F001, F025, S15A, S15C can no longer be dealt with as of ISTA/P 3.63.0.


Install ISTA 4 with vehicle software service data package. Use ISTA 4 for programming the F, G and I series.

Affected application:


Note: E series can still be dealt with using ISTA/P.

Test: 2017 G12 in ISTA-P 3.65

Tried to program headlight module for 2017 G12 in ISTA P 3.65, but it cannot be done.

In order to program the module, the professional open ista d and i program the whole car.


Good solution to program F/G/I series:

Use ESYS and skip the risk of bricking car modules with ISTA-P

To flash whole car, You can use esys to flash whole car with just one click


Use ISTA-P before version 06.2017
2017.5 BMW ISTA-D 4.05.20 ISTA-P
2017.3 BMW ISTA-D 4.04.12 ISTA-P

Earlier versions….