Launch X431 Pro Mini Review: Reliable and High-end Scanner

Launch X431 Pro mini diagnostic scanner can read and erase error codes, perform oil light reset, view live data stream, perform battery maintenance, and many other special functions. It also responds very fast and has a multi-touch screen for quickly changing from one function to another.


Unlike the Launch X431 Pro, the X431 Pro mini comes with all the features of its predecessor but with 2-years of software update and a mini-tablet style with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, it is compatible with more than 108 US, European, and Asian car makers and models. Read this Launch X431 Pro Mini review to know more about this scanner.


Check Launch X431 Pro Minis Technical Specification Table:

Functions/Features Launch X431 Pro Mini Scanner
Operating system Android 7.0
Processor ARM Coretex-A7 quad-core 1.3 GHz
Memory 2GB
Storage 32GB
LCD Display Screen 7.0 inch with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels
Camera Front-facing 2MP camera + rear-facing 5MP camera
Battery 3.7V/3000mh rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Connectivity Wi-Fi: WLAN 802.11b/g/n

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1

Viewing live data-stream YES
Oil Reset Service functions YES
Anti-theft Matching YES
Freeze Frame Data YES
Reading and Clearing of diagnostic trouble codes YES
ABS Bleeding YES
Electronic Parking Brake Reset YES
Injector Coding YES
Storage Temperature -20℃-70℃
Working temperature 0℃-45℃
Wireless Bluetooth Diagnosis YES
Technology Backup YES
Software Update Option 2 Years Free Update
Warranty One year warranty


Check the Main Features of the Launch X431 Pro Mini Scanner:

  • 11 special functions
  • 98-inch touch and high-resolution screen
  • ECU coding
  • Bluetooth & WiFi function
  • Unique and portable scanner
  • Android 5.1 operating system
  • Full system diagnosis
  • Special functions
  • Bi-directional control
  • TPMS reset
  • Covers more than 108 vehicles make and models
  • 2-years free update
  • Durable carrying case


In the following content, we will discuss more features and functions of X431 Pro Mini Scanner from eleven aspects.

1.Extensive vehicle coverage

If your automotive scanner has been having compatibility issues, this is the best scan tool to use on different vehicle makes and models. The Launch X431 Pro mini diagnostic tool is compatible with more than 108 vehicle makes and models from the USA, Europe, and Asia. It comes with the Launch X431 pro mini kit with 14 connectors for OBD2 and other kinds of diagnostic standards for the European and Asian vehicle makes.


2.Wireless functionality

The Launch X431 obd2 scanner is very easy to use. It has Bluetooth and WiFi functions that allow you to use the code reader under the hood or inside the garage. The wireless connection enables you to work wirelessly and in the end, you will save money and time.


3.Intuitive user interface

Featuring a 6.98-inch touch screen with high-resolution, you will never have a hard time interpreting results using this scan tool. In addition, the icons are clear and you can easily locate the different functions. Apart from that, it has a high-resolution camera that captures still photos


4.Sturdy construction

The Mini Launch X431 is one of the most durable diagnostic obd2 scanners on the market. It is drop resistant, waterproof, and grease resistant. As a result, you can use it without any problem.


5.Special functions

Whether you want to perform basic functions like reading and erasing error codes and viewing of freeze frame data or performing special functions like oil reset, battery maintenance, electronic parking brake reset, diesel particulate filter, ABS bleeding, tire pressure monitor system rest, and many more.


6.All systems diagnosis

Additionally, it is able to diagnose all systems such as transmission, power train, emission system, engine, fuel system, body, and much more. With such system coverage, you will not have to purchase a separate device to perform different functions.


7.Anti-theft matching

This is a great safety feature. Anti-theft matching has the ability to protect your vehicle from being stolen by clearing lost key data and programming new keys into the ECU database also referred to as keys coding.


8.Unique and portable scan tool

If you’re a mechanic who travels a lot or moves around with their scan tool from one place to another, then the Launch X431 Pro Mini scanner is a great tool for you. It is compact in design and very lightweight. The code reader weighs 7.45 pounds and its dimensions are 15.9 x 11.9 x 4.2 inches. It is almost the same weight as many smartphone gadgets.


9.Android operating system

The device operates at a very fast speed and it is very accurate. This can be linked to the Android 5.1 operating system that it comes with. The Android system allows the user to install other Android apps, but they can still use the scanner to diagnose trouble codes.


10.Free software update

When you register for this scan tool, you will become eligible to download free software updates for 2 years. After 2 years, you will have to pay for the updates. Updating is simple as it can be done online by connecting your device to Wi-Fi.


11.Outstanding tech support

The launch has one of the best tech support in the industry. If you need support from the Launch team, just send them a one-click recorded video (s) and accurate diagnostic outcomes. Furthermore, the one-click update online is extremely convenient to use. You get the much-needed support and be able to diagnose the problems that your car is facing.


To sum up:

The Launch X431 pro mini diagnostic scanner is constructed for professional mechanics and small car repair shops. It performs a wide range of functions and it is compatible with different vehicle makes and models. Moreover, the scanner comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi function for a wireless connection.


The scanner functions very fast as it uses the Android 5.1 operating system. The large 6.98-inch touch and high-resolution screen display clear results. It is also portable and compact for easy storage and use. It covers over 108 US, European, and Asian vehicle makes and models. On top of that, it comes with 2-years of free software updates.


With such amazing features and exceptional performance, this is a reliable and high-end scanner that will serve you for many years to come.


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