Lonsdor K518ISE Feedback (01.2018)

Feedback: Lonsdor K518ISE testing and support:

Jeep Cherokee pull 5 pin and program

KIA / Hyundai NEW pin code pull and program, some cars

Ford 2017 Prox

FIAT pull pin and program, some cars

2017 Mazda Prox

FASTEST Chrysler pull pin and program machine I own

and more…

If it does VAG immo 5 and anything else in the future that would just be a bonus to me, but if you bought it just for VAG immo 5 sorry for your disappoint I’m sure they will get it working soon.


Reset immo G toyota hilux… done

Nissan 20 digit pincode 8A key… done

Mazda 2 program key no need incode … done

Fiat strada dashboard 24c16… done, need id48 precharger


Ford ecosport prox. ok

Mitsubishi l200 2014 1 sec. done


USA – Today Prius C – G chip all key lost OK


Ford Focus 2012 all keys lost, add key 1 ok


All under one minute 2018 Kia Forte remote … didn’t even have ignition on

Add RAV4 2016 smart key (using type3) successfully

The Londsor K518 can do the 10 minutes bypass on old ford 2000-2009


The Lonsdor does much more then my MVPP M8 clone or any other china tool I own. The english version of this tool has been out for 2 months and its filed gaps and saved me from using AD tokens.

I bought it for FEM which works and I put a value of $500 for that feature.

Volvo cars which only VIDA could do, I put another $500 value on that.

For a tool costing $1300 you get all of the same over lap of coverage on you basic china tool but then there are things which make it unique.

No tokens and free updates and the ability to do these cars and more for essentially $300 more.