Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S/8A Smart Key Latest Key Programming Upgrade Information

We are so happy to share the latest upgrade news about Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S/Universal 8A Smart Key Latest Key Programming Upgrade Information, adding new functions for car brands like TOYOTA/LEXUS/NISSAN, etc.


Latest Upgrade One. Lonsdor latest 8A universal smart key is coming!!!

* Stable Functions & Superior Quality

* Long distance remote control!

* Multiple board numbers

* Support many new car models

* Free & Easy generation by K518/KH100 series


Current Board numbers:

0020  2110  0410  2020

0010  0101  3330 0351 3950 …


Support frequencies:

312.09/314.35  314.35/312.09

314.35/315.10  315.10/314.35

433.58/434.42  434.42/433.58

312.50/314.00  314.00/315.10

312.50/314.00   433.92…


Support models:


Camry(2015-2021)  Levin(2015-2018)  Corolla(2015-2019)  C-HR (2019-)  Alphard(2015-2021)  RAV4(2015-2021)  Land Cruiser(2016-2021)   IZOA(2019-2021)

Wildlander(2021-)  Highlander(2015-2021, PIN required for 2021)



NX series  ES series  GS series  RX series  LS series  UX series



For some new models, require to calculate PIN so as to add 8A smart key; or use H0410C/H0440C to collect data to generate 8A key directly(free of PIN), support models: RAV4(2020-), Avalon(2020-), Wildlander(2020-), Lexus ES UX GS NX RX LS(2020-).


Menu path

For K518: Special functions–> Key settings–> FT smart key–> 8A–> Convert smart key type

For KH100: Special Function–> FT smart key–> 8A type–>Convert smart key type



Here is what Lonsdor latest 8A universal smart key looks like:

lonsdor-k518ise-k518s-8a-smart-key-latest-key-programming-upgrade-information2 lonsdor-k518ise-k518s-8a-smart-key-latest-key-programming-upgrade-information3


Latest Upgrade Two. Lonsdor Nissan 22-digit PIN code Calculator is coming!
Support Nissan X-Trail 2018- with chassis number: P15
Red-type: includes 20-times calculation(Much more cost-effective!)



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