MB sdconnect c4 star diagnosis active & setup questions and solutions

As known, MB sdconnect c4 star diagnosis covers UDS protocols besides K line and CAN BUS compared with the old MB star c4. Sdconnect works fine to read $ erase trouble code, read the real-time data of sensor and actuator, code and program online/offline in multi languages environment.

www.cardiagtool.co.uk engineer put together all the frequently asked questions on how to active and setup sdconnect c4, and followed working solutions.

SDconnect setup questions and solutions:
Q: Got error reading” A disk read error occurred, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart” after I insert SD Compact hard disk into the computer.
A: HDD/hard drive cannot communicate with the computer well or the hard disk is broken.

Q: Got error “No Signal” after clicking “Select MUX”.

A: Please choose “Local area connection” to reset IP address:, Subnet mask: For the etails, please watch the video tutorial (engineer already recorded the video on your desktop).

Q: How to setup MB SD connect c4 starfinder?

A: starfinder needs no install, just directly open “c:\program

files\web_etm\index.html “.

Q: The sdconnect HDD has no display. I need to connect the hard disk via USB cable and then to active?

A: Yes, connect to the HDD and the computer, firstly setup“setup.exe”, then import Mercedes Benz software. Note: please make sure you have higher computer configuration.

Q: After sdconnnect is plugged into the Benz, it displays no voltage on the PIN8 OBD cable, on contrary the ignition key on the second position, it has voltage 12V.

A: It advices you not start the car, after the car starts, the PIN8 will display voltage value.

Q: I want to use sdconnect to change the way fuel consumption is calculated in the KIW module. This is done in option 1772 of KIW, only adaptable with the developer version of DAS (see FOTO.JPG). Since when starting I have to agree to the special “dangers” the developer version implements, I thought I would be able to change that value. But there is no modify option available

A: it can’t change the way of fuel consumption; but the option 1772 of KIW.

Q: Xentrty error“Internal error: (3.17)-3.173 you must contact the User Help Desk”
A: Reset the file “lic-key-2” properties as editable.

SDconnect C4 active questions and answers
Q: Error “No access authorization code! Please contact the Star diagnosis call center”.
A: Please active firstly, details in PDF file:


Q: When open EPC and got error “unable to start application program”.
A: Firstly, ensure EPC is activated. Secondly, enter EPC from “EPC NET EXPLORER ” and find out LAN ID, finally active it. Start EPC from Xentrty is not correct. Have no luck still? Please contact cardiagtool.co.uk engineer for remote assistance.

Q:  What is the administrator code?
A: User$star2004