Microtronik Autohex II Read& Write BMW MSD87 ISN

How to use original Autohex II with HW4 to read and write BMW MSD87 ISN? Here is the step-by-step guide below.



Step 1: Read MSD87 ISN and password

Enter AUTOHEX II software

Click “Select” icon

There are four car brand versions:

BMW Version: 1.0.51

Hyundai Version: 1.0.29

KIA Version: 1.0.29

Nissan Version: 1.0.18


Select BMW version

Click “On Bench”-> “On Bench MSDX ISN”

This function is used to read ISN and Tricore password from MSD80, MSD85, MSD87 and MSV90 in E and F series

Click on “3” button to read MSD87 ISN according to the instruction

microtronik-autohex-ii-bmw-msd87-isn-3 microtronik-autohex-ii-bmw-msd87-isn-4

Follow the wiring diagram display on the screen to connect Autohex II BMW Lite, HW4 and MSD87 DME

microtronik-autohex-ii-bmw-msd87-isn-5 microtronik-autohex-ii-bmw-msd87-isn-6 microtronik-autohex-ii-bmw-msd87-isn-7

Click on Next icon to read DME ISN


Calculate ISN and password successfully


Then click the save icon to save them

microtronik-autohex-ii-bmw-msd87-isn-10 microtronik-autohex-ii-bmw-msd87-isn-11

A massage will appear on the screen “Do you want to save Tricore password?”

Click “Yes” and the password will be used in ISN boot mode for writing

Exit the main page

Step 2: Write ISN by Tricore Boot mode

Select the corresponding BMW series and DME type

Then click “Start”


Follow the wiring diagram to connect wires, resistors and capacitor

microtronik-autohex-ii-bmw-msd87-isn-13 microtronik-autohex-ii-bmw-msd87-isn-14

Note: 100nF capacitor can also be used instead of 220nF

Click Read button to start the function

Confirm the password has been saved


Load the password already saved from Autohex


Reading data…

Read ISN complete


Modify the ISN with new one

Then click Write button


Confirm the password has been saved again when it prompt

Select the password file

Writing data…

Write data complete


Click “Read” button to read ISN data again

Check if the ISN data read out is same the new one


Job’s done!

Thanks to Original Autohex II BMW Lite Locksmith with HW4!

Learn more: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/original-autohex-ii-bmw-lite.html