Mini ACDP Porsche BCM: Confirmed to add new keys!

Good to know: Yanhua Mini ACDP is verified to work no issues with Porsche BCM.




You need:

Yanhua Mini ACDP programer

Module 10

Support: 2010~2018 Porsche – all models!


1: No need disassembling and soldering

No need to remove components

No need to cut the line

No risk of damage to the BCM computer board

2: All in one

Set anti-theft data reading and writing, anti-theft data calculation, key programming in one.

3: The interface board replaces the welding wire, the pin connect with intelligent detection, and the data reading and writing is safe and reliable.

4: With the key refresh function

No longer afraid of loss caused by key be locked.

How to add new Porsche with ACDP:

Upload images…

mini-acdp-porsche-add-new-key-2 mini-acdp-porsche-add-new-key-3 mini-acdp-porsche-add-new-key-4 mini-acdp-porsche-add-new-key-5 mini-acdp-porsche-add-new-key-6 mini-acdp-porsche-add-new-key-7 mini-acdp-porsche-add-new-key-8

The detail can be found in the video:


Pls prepare OBD+ICP adapter, BCM interface board, BCM module, BAV adapter and blank key

It is forbidden to cut ACDP power off during the process of adding a key

Pls store the original and programmed EEPROM/DFLASH data as prompts.