Multi-language Ktag v7.020 China Clone 100+ ECU Types list (Lots pictures)

Here attach the newest Ktag sw v7.020 sw v2.23 100+ ECU types list (Lots pictures):

Add ECU Type: Toyota 76FXXX, PSA 17.4.4, Ford E83, VW 17.5.5 (1766), Mercedes-Benz 276ECU,Toyota 76F, and so on.

ktag 7.020 screen


Is it true?

Yes, definitely. Maybe someone consider China clone Ktag is shit, I am sure this is prejudice. Ktag sw v7.020 is cracked and actually it works as it claims. Ktag can’t prove by itself, but the times will tell the truth.

Ktag v7.020 for sale $415.8 not incl. shipping (

Ktag v7.020 Questions and Answers (FAQ):

Q: What software version ktag fw 7.020 is compatible with?

A: it is compatible with newest Ksuite V2.23, Ksuite V2.23 download free (soon coming)

Q: Does ktag V7.020 has token limitation?

A: No tokens limitation. The way to reset tokens: When the tokens use up, insert the USB into the computer and the red indicator flashes, then press the Reset button, wait until the indicator flashes off, unplug the USB cable and again insert the USB cable to the computer, now you have 30 tokens.


Q: Ktag v7.020 China Clone language available?

A: Italian Deutsch English French Portuguese Spanish

Q: Can Ktag v7.020 support BDM function?

A: Yes, Ktag v7.020 supports BDM Function Well, Available Protocols BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx.


Q: What vehicles does Ktag v7.020 work with?

A: Can read write ECU on Car, Motorcycle and Truck.

Here newest Ktag V7.020 ECU types list


Q: Can it able internet connection?

A: No, during operation, disable the internet connection; otherwise the software may get damaged.


Q: When I open the Ktag master V7.020 diagram, it displays in words not pictures.

A: In the diagrams, there are some words in different colors, click it you will see the diagram.