Newest ODIS V2.02/2.0 VAS 5054 Plus License Expire Problem

When i install VAS 5054A ODIS V2.02 software on my XP system, i got series error

It shows me the license expired.

vas-5054a-license-error-1 vas-5054a-license-error-2 vas-5054a-license-error-3 vas-5054a-license-error-4 vas-5054a-license-error-5 vas-5054a-license-error-6 vas-5054a-license-error-7

But how to solve it ?

The problem of these error is the software installation is not ok.

Customers needs to change a computer with XP system to install again.

Or reinstall computer system and then install software again.

This is the installation problem, the only way to solve it is to change computer or system.