Newest version 2015.8 Digimaster 3 from

2015.8 Digimaster 3 III Original Universal Odometer Correction Master Send Free CAS4+ Software 

Digimaster 3 Digimaster III Original Odometer Correction Master

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Digimaster has update the newest version of  2015.8 

Digimaster III Update to Version :1.8.1508.10 (2015-8-19)

New car models for mileage correction and airbag resetting of Honda,Ford.
And operation of CPU MC68HC9S12 and MC9S12HZ256(3L16Y)

New car models for special programmer:
1 MC68HC9S12 MC9S12HZ256(3L16Y)

New car models for mileage correction:
1 Honda phantom 150 93C56
2 Suzuki GW250 93C66
3 Isuzu 93C56(V2)
4 Ford Focus 2010-9S12H256 (3L16Y)
MC9S12HZ256VAL 3L16Y (112PINS)
5 Chrysler RL79 2008- 93C76
6 Peugeot RCZ 2014 dashboard 95040
7 Peugeot RCZ BSI 95128
8 Ferrari F458 IC 1:95080 95080
9 Ferrari F458 IC 1:95020 95020
10 Mazda3 Axela 93C76

New car models for airbag resetting:
1 Ford Kuga DV4T-14B321-DD
2 Roewe 550 10001801 95320