Original Volvo Dice Bluetooth vs Clone Vida Dice 2014D (Green/Blue PCB)

Genuine Volvo Dice vs Clone Volvo Vida Dice

Volvo Vida Dice which one to buy? A cheap clone one or an expensive original one? Volvo Dice better with the green pcb or blue pcb?

Part 1: Volvo Dice clone/genuine PCB display 

Volvo Dice unit ORIGINAL:

original-volvo-vida-dice-pcb original-volvo-vida-dice-pcb-1

Original Volvo DiCE unit boards are manufactured by Multech in Taiwan. The main processor is M32C M30855 from Renesas. Processor alone costs ~$25 in Qty 1000, making it best quality and better performance.

Volvo Dice china CLONE:

Volvo dice with a BLUE PCB: cheap but very bad!!!!!!!! Forget it!!


Quality A+++ Volvo Vida Dice 2014D from china:

Source: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/volvo-vida-dice-diagnostic-tool-56.html



This Dice unit is also builtwith M32C M30855 main processor. The PCB seems just slightly different from the original.And it works fine as the original.


Cheap Vida Dice clone:

Source: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/2014d-low-cost-vida-dice-for-volvo.html



It’s the cheapest Dice unit clone.The firmware is made by anotherChinese manufacturer. It can perform the same function as other clone Dice units, but cannot be as stable and fast as HQ dice.



Part 2: Volvo Vida Dice 2014D Review: clone or original Dice?



In fairness you could buy 5 illegit DiCE units, and it’s still cheaper than the real one. So yes quality is lower, but thats because it’s much much much cheaper…



I am aware the price of the original DICE is sky high, I can stand with lower quality Vs price, but here there is no halfway, either it works or not and considering they still make high profit on the item, people should not go through this pain and buy multiple ones, also because this is a cost for them too.



Once the design of the original Dice is copied by a talented electronics engineer and the Vida interface is hacked by another software engineer the cost of production is super low; probably as low as $10-15 when produced in high volumes.

We aren’t exactly paying the Chinese producers for any engineering excellence; Volvo engineers deserve most of the credit both in admiration and financial ways.


quahog pearl:

I bought my DICE unit on http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/. Hardware was OK, but I could not install. Tried everything I could think of. Seller (bestbuyercn) claimed they would send a replacement disc(oh, so sorry, etc), never did. So I bought just a disc from a reputable seller for $28. Arrived in 2 days, installed without a hitch, works great. Just mentioning this for those of you who can’t get it working, but the problem could just be a bad disc



If you had a very new car you might want the latest version… otherwise I don’t think it really matters. As mentioned it’s MUCH easier to find the VMWare image, since you don’t need to do any funny business during install (since you aren’t actually installing VIDA). I think VIDA is really meant to be run on a dedicated computer (e.g. as at the shop), so if you’ve got a lot of other stuff running as services on your computer, conflicts do happen. With the VMWare image VIDA is running on a virtual compute.



The VMware image is WinXP, and I’m running it no problems on several Win10 machines. I did install the DiCE drivers on the “mother” Win 10 computer, as I was a little leery about doing a DiCE flash update from the virtual machine. As others have said, the “latest greatest” doesn’t really help with a 2006 car.



Part 3: Take it easy with HQ Volvo DiCE clone!!!


The clone and original Volvo DiCE units are only different from the PCB design.

Actually, the PCBs are the same. Even the version numbers stamped in the back are the same (1163 5.2)

Fronts used are different, the ground areas are slightly different, and the plate throughs are lower quality on the clone.

Most of the reported problems seem to be around the power supply section and the NET2272 USB controller, probably due to low quality filtering of the external input lines.

The clones are slightly different built in the bluetooth module, SD card, and through-hole connectors. So the Clone VIDA does not support Bluetooth connection.



In summary, you will get what you paid for. If you want a cheap Vida Dice and never mind the Bluetooth connection, just go to high-quality Volvo dice 2014d from http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/volvo-vida-dice-diagnostic-tool-56.html